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Spray Built PATIO

Mrs Lorinda shifted from North Qld to Brisbane and decided to replace her house’s 17 year old patio with a Stratco insulated Patio. The number one requirement to install a new patio was to cut down the noise, as it was extremely loud on the old bare tin roof and certain other factors include:

  • It didn’t comply with current building standards
  • Due to its old and poor condition, the sunlight couldn’t reflect into the house and made it very dark from inside.

Being new to Brisbane it was hard to find a business who can build exactly what to want. She looked for other roofing companies but wasn’t quite happy with them as they were not offering what she was after. Then she got introduced to GW Patio through STRATCO and she had faith in Stratco’s referral as they will always give the name of a company which will enhance their reputation with their expertise and knowledge.

Mrs Lorinda was so happy with the final product from GW patios and the benefits it delivers. The noise reduction factor, bright sunlight reflecting into the house with reduced darkness, less heat radiating off the bare tin now and the increased beauty of the house.


“I am so happy with the finished product from GW Patio. This new patio make my house look more appealing and definitely has increased the value of my house. People who have seen it before are like oh wow, that’ just so much better and cleaner. I can’t believe the light that is reflected in to the house, as the old one was just like tin and darkness.

GW patios installation team was very friendly and very curious while they were building the whole time. They left the place clean and tidy. Now we are looking forward to using the outdoor area more. I haven’t been really able to use the space because the roof leaked and it was hot.

I would totally recommend GW Patios. It was a good experience, dealing with all the people, Damian, Dan, Anthony and Jane in the office too.”

– Mrs Lorinda , Brisbane QLD