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Removing a patio awning is much less difficult than installing one, but it does require a significant amount of forethought. Now, that you have decided to remove the patio/carport awning, First decide the purpose because different purpose requires a different approach. There could be many reasons why you have to remove a patio/carport awning.


To do some repairs

  • Replacing your awning with a new one
  • Completely remove patio awning as you think it is no longer functional


Before Pulling Down the Old Patio


After deciding on purpose, then decide on what materials are required Materials Required:

  • Large trailer ready to take away after demolition
  • Hammer,
  • Small crossbar,
  • Saw & drill
  • Sturdy ladder
  • Appropriate shoes
  • Appropriate clothing
  • Appropriate gloves when handling the sheets


While a professional can replace the fabric with just one additional person, it would be wise to bring over at least 3-4 friends to help you as the saying goes “More hands make light work”.

  • Once you have all your crew and tools ready , climb onto the roof with the help of ladder
  • Start removing roof from the far end by unscrewing it.
  • Remove one sheet at a time.
  • When the sheet unscrewed slide it down the front to the person responsible for taking it to the skip or trailer.

Some Important Safety Measures:

  • When walking on any roof always walk where the screw or nails have been placed as this is the strongest point. Failure to do this may result in you falling through the roof and may sustain serious injuries.
  • It is very important to check that the roof is safe to walk on


After Removing old Patio