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Dangers of self-installation of Carport Kits

Avoiding a professional licensed carport installer and using Carport Kits to do self-installation can probably save a bit of your money but putting you under big risks.


1. WARRANTY ISSUES: By using self-installation kits you are avoiding the necessary warranty which comes in handy if you are hiring a professional carport installer and designer.


2. IMPROPER INSTALLATION RISKS: You have to strictly follow manufacturer’s specifications to build using carport kits and if you can’t do the job properly it can lead to serious issues. Leakage is a dangerous effect of improper installation


3. CONSTRUCTION DELAYS: If you are not experienced in installing carport kits, you may spend hours and hours on the installation process due to unexpected challenges which can lead to big delay in overall project which could be weeks or even longer


4. EXPENSIVE: Self- installation can prove more expensive to you if you can’t complete the installation and do the job properly, afterward you have to call a professional installer to fix it. In that case, they will charge you more to fix a faulty or incomplete installation rather than doing a fresh job.


On the other hand, hire professional and qualified carport designer from GWPatios. A qualified designer inspects the site personally and comes up with a strong plan to build carport which is just perfect and synchronized with the design and color scheme of your house.In that way not degrading the value of your beautiful house by having a carport which looks completely different from your overall house design. From supply to installations everything is FULLY INSURED and on time(except weather conditions).You will get 12 Months warranty and QBCC warranty.