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Council Regulations apply to all S.E. QLD Councils, with a few exceptions. For simplicity let us stick with Brisbane City council, Redland City Council and Logan City council. This reference guide is for all site blocks 450m2 and above.


For small site blocks or for special and commercial applications, speak with your local council or a private certifier.


PATIO: 1500mm needed as a Setback: – This means construction is to finish no closer than 1500m to side and rear boundaries. If you require finishing closer, then you will need a ‘siting variation’, commonly referred to as a “relaxation”. This is an additional fee on top of your general certification fee.



Carport: A construction of this type in your front yard requires 6000mm setback which is normally OK however, some charge you a relaxation fee for a reduced distance. Before proceeding with a builder ask him to enquire as to the fees his private certifier charges. The length of your framed carport cannot generally exceed 9000mmIf you are intending to build a carport to the side of your property, you are able to have a structure no longer than 9000mm with a setback to you side boundary no less than 300mm. If you intend to have a longer carport you will definitely require a relaxation.



N. B. Once your relaxation application has been lodged, there is no guarantee council will sign off on the structure. The decision comes down to what structures have been allowed in your street & suburb. Also bear in mind, if your proposal is knocked back, a large portion of your relaxation and council fee is non-refundable.


I hope this helps you a little in your decision making for such structures. Good Luck.